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Поиск репрессированных привел к репрессиям

15 Окт 2009
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Уполномоченная правительства Германии обратилась к президенту Дмитрию Медведеву с просьбой прекратить уголовное преследование российского историка, который пытался создать книгу памяти репрессированных и пленных немцев. Деятельность по созданию книги ранее пресекла ФСБ.

В роли друга

15 Окт 2009
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Визит президента Чехии Вацлава Клауса в Россию был посвящен в основном экономическому сотрудничеству. «Будут заключены договоры на сотни миллионов евро», — пообещал Медведев на брифинге по итогам переговоров. …  »

Avoiding a New Berlin Wall

12 Окт 2009
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Vasily Likhachev, Russia’s former EU ambassador and deputy chairman of the International Affairs Committee in the Federation Council, comments that under US patronage, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and others have become valuable pawns for conservatives and neoconservatives in the West in their global chess game against Russia. »

Russian domestic policy

30 июля 2009
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In June, President Medvedev took some measures to ease the situation of NGOs in Russia. On 17 June the president introduced into the Duma a bill to amend NGO legislation. A first reading of this bill was approved by 391 (out of 450) members. Those in favour included members of the United Russia, Just Russian and Liberal Democrat parties with the communists against.
Garri Minch, the president’s representative in the Duma, said the purpose of the bill was to liberalise the legal position of NGOs. In future, NGOs seeking (re) -registration should receive it within three months if they had produced all the required documents. If registration were refused the notification period would be reduced from three months to 14 working days and notice of this decision would be given within three days. NGOs will only need to renew their registration every three years instead of the current annual requirement.
This bill was drafted by a presidential working group under the chairmanship of Vladislav Surkov, first deputy leader of the presidential administration and included representatives from the justice ministry, the Duma, the Federal Council and civil society. It was the result of a long process in which Medvedev had recognised the problems facing NGOs in Russia. This is in contrast to Prime Minister Putin, who, in 2005, sought to make life for NGOs more difficult and then because of pressure from outside the country had to ease some of his proposed measures. »

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